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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

It is a good idea to bring your child to the dentist once their first teeth have come through. We know it’s hard for young children to sit still for long so we are happy for them to just get used to the environment and have a look around in their first visit.

  • We believe it’s crucial to make children’s visits to the dentist a really positive experience.
  • The first few years of a child’s visits are more of a trust building exercise as well as a chance to give useful preventative advice to the parents or carers.
  • Teaching children good oral hygiene at a young age is an investment in their health that will set them up for life. Our dentists can teach your child to look after their teeth, brushing techniques, diet advice and much more.
children dentistry

Orthodontic Assessment

As your child grows older, we can begin looking at orthodontic examinations and assessments if this is necessary. This usually occurs from around 11 years onwards. Our sister practice St Michael’s Orthodontics is on hand to offer the best possible teeth straightening treatment and our dentists work closely with the team there.

If your child is struggling with maintaining the best oral hygiene and health, it may well be worth paying a visit to one of our friendly hygienists. Together as a team with you the parent, the hygienist can ensure your child has healthy teeth and gums.

If you would like to find out more about our services or to book an appointment please call us on 01924 383369.

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