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Maintaining good oral hygiene contributes to better all round health, preventing gum disease that can cause significant damage to your gums and teeth. Research also indicates that poor oral health can increase your risk of a stroke and heart disease.

At the same time a fresh smelling and sparkling clean smile doesn’t just benefit your health but also gives you confidence when smiling, talking and laughing with others.

How do you make sure your mouth stays healthy?

  • Even the best brushing and flossing routines cannot eliminate all traces of plaque on our teeth and gums. Left on your teeth, plaque becomes tartar, which cannot be brushed off. This can lead to bad breath and bleeding gums, which are signs of gum disease.
  • Visiting a hygienist regularly plays a vital role in keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top condition.
  • At St Michael’s Family Dental Practice our hygienists are fully committed to helping their patients look after their teeth for life. They are highly trained in cleaning the plaque and tartar off teeth and are always keen to help patients develop and improve their own effective home-care techniques to keep the mouth healthy and fresh.
How do you make sure your mouth stays healthy?

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